Scottish castle for sale near Turnberry

Scottish castle for sale has a deeply romantic and adventurous sound to it so buy now before you miss the chance. Baltersan (rhymes with ‘person’) is a beautiful tower-house built for a Kennedy laird in 1585. It is packed with rare and fascinating architectural detail. It had been lived in by Kennedys for about 150 years and was finally abandoned about 1745, when it was stripped of re-usable materials. Today it is an empty shell ripe for restoration. As such it is a better candidate for reconstruction than an old building with floors, roofs, windows, dry rot, etc as inserting vital services can be extremely difficult to do without harming the historic fabric. By being an empty shell, Baltersan’s reconstruction will be easier to manage for routing of plumbing and electrics,

The castle and 0.303 hectare of land (3/4 of an acre) are offered for a quick sale at a very attractive price of offers over:

GBP 150,000 (about USD 193,500) for the Freehold.

The property lends itself to conversion into a unique five-bedroom vacation home. A full suite of architectural plans can be made available to a new owner if they appoint the architects with whom copyright rests. They can be found at this link:

The sole purpose of this website is to sell Baltersan Castle therefore we are unable to handle enquiries on family history, architectural history, etc. We invite genuine enquiries from seriously interested potential buyers. High-quality Scottish castles, especially those of manageable size, that are ripe for reconstruction, are incredibly rare. As Mark Twain might have said, “Buy an historic Scottish castle – they’re not making them any more.

With the acquisition of Baltersan Castle a new custodian will not be stepping into the unknown. Among comparable tower-houses in Scotland it is probably the best researched of all with extensive information gathered about the building, its gardens, orchards and residents over the centuries painting a vivid scene of the lives of lairds, servants, farmers, tradesmen and merchants. Its history spans the period of James VI, King of Scots, becoming James I of England through the turbulent mid-17th century Covenanting era of the “Killing Times‘ to the years of famine at the turn of the 17th to the 18th century and the Act of Union in 1707 which united the parliaments of Scotland and England.

Over 40 pages of the accounts of Baltersan Estate for the years from 1699 to 1707 have been transcribed and yield fascinating facts that enrich the whole spirit of place which means that when you take up residence there are likely to be some friendly ghosts to welcome you!

If you are seriously interested in buying Baltersan, don’t delay, contact us now at this link:

Baltersan Castle restored

How the castle might have looked in 1600